Stop and smell the roses!

You often hear the saying but how often do you do it. Today I put it into practice, my life like  many other people’s seem to just be one busy blur, but today i stopped and smelled the roses. With my camera in hand i started my adventure i was heading out onto our farm, Yes that’s right the very same place i work everyday, i really do not appreciate how beautiful it is.

We have a river running through it so this was my first stop i just sat there and soaked up all the breathtaking views, i also didn’t realize how much wildlife we had, Oops. Then i set off up dare i say a damn steep rocky hill but wow was it worth while,the view for as far as the eye can see, Spectacular. Whilst sitting up there surveying my realm, i had a visit from my gorgeous girls (goats) that just topped it off. All i can say is we often take so much for granted, i for one are going to stop and smell the roses more often, how about you. 


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