Our Poor Puppy

We call him our puppy but in reality he is 15 years old and we have had Ramsay since he was a wee boy. Old age is catching up with our boy he has severe arthritis and a couple of other medical problems, but i can say one thing he is always such a happy dog . Well we had to make a visit to the vet yet again, i have to make sure there wages are paid i think they would go broke if it wasn’t for us, anyway back to Ramsay he had just gone flat again, of his food and listless so after a long discussion they changed all his meds. These meds seemed to control his pain very well, too well in fact. Now these meds are very strong and i must say i have not actually seen a dog stoned, yes i said stoned. Our poor boy was on a completely different planet for 24 hours, i must say it’s the quietest i have ever seen him. But please do not worry he is now back on a better dose and these seem to be agreeing with him, i must say though i would really like to know what was going on in his mind for that 24 hours!


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