WOW, I can’t belive it’s nearly christmas, time flies when you’re having babies everyday. So some of our gorgeous girls have been kidding it’s been a joyous and not so joyous occasion, I would have to say this has been probably the worst kidding i have ever dealt with. From mastitis, blocked udders and sadly … More LOTS OF BABIES!


It has been a while since I have been here, what can i say its been a roller coaster on the farm. We still haven’t come to terms with losing our beautiful boy but life goes on, and has it gone on. We rescued a precious little Boer goat that we named Miracle, she was … More MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Heart Broken

It has been a while since my last blog, to be honest its been a crappy month, after losing little Walter our rescue calf, our beautiful boy Ramsay started going downhill fast, his arthritis was finally catching up to him. We had exhausted every avenue available and we knew he was now palliative care. He … More Heart Broken


It’s been a while but we have had a lot happening on our little farm. Sunday was a very sad day for us, our sweet little Walter crossed the rainbow bridge. Walt just couldn’t fight anymore, from the day he arrived I knew something was not right with him. He had trouble walking and the … More Walter

Our Poor Puppy

We call him our puppy but in reality he is 15 years old and we have had Ramsay since he was a wee boy. Old age is catching up with our boy he has severe arthritis and a couple of other medical problems, but i can say one thing he is always such a happy … More Our Poor Puppy

Forever Home!

Finally the day is here, Harold and Walter arrived at their forever home.It has taken a couple of days to be able to secure these little fellows, when they where advertised for meat, well lets just say i couldn’t let that happen. These two beautiful boys are just 5 days old and after a bit … More Forever Home!